The Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker: hand-made coffee & espresso extraordinaire!


The Aerobie Aeropress™ makes excellent coffee, in your home, easier and faster than any other coffee making method.

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30 Seconds To Better Coffee

With the Aeropress you'll make better coffee in less time. The coffee is some of the richest and smoothest you'll ever have. There's virtually no setup and cleanup is as easy as 1-2-3.

Watch this video to see how.

How The Aeropress Works

1. Total Immersion Brewing

The Aeropress completely immerses the coffee grounds in water, ensuring all of the grounds come into contact with the same temperature of water. Compare this to typical drip coffee makers where grounds in the center are over-extracted, adding bitterness and unnatural flavors to the final cup.

2. Fine Filter, Fine Ground

The Aeropress uses a fine paper filter to remove any sludge or dirty cup flavors, which means you can use finer ground beans than frenchpress coffee. Finer ground allows the immersion to extract more flavor from the coffee in less time, unlocking the flavors of the coffee.

3. Short Steep & Water Temp

When water is too hot, the coffee releases undesirable flavors like acids and unbalanced oils. The Aeropress' 20 second steep and extract allows you to use moderate temperature water to get big, balanced flavor from the brew.

4. Air Pressure Extraction

With a simple press of the hand, the Aeropress "pushes" the water through the coffee grounds. This pressure saves you time and shortens the filtering time to about 10 seconds or so, eliminating unwanted over-extraction and bitterness in the final cup of coffee. You get the full flavor of the coffee without additional flavor coloring!

What Comes In The Box

What People Are Saying

"When used properly, AeroPress produces a remarkably good straight espresso and an excellent Americano-style taller cup. In fact, it produces a better espresso shot than many home machines that cost twenty or thirty times as much."

"You have saved me from servitude to the office brew cup and I will be forever grateful! The funny thing is, I made it with the same pre-ground coffee the drip stuff is made of (just to do a more direct comparison) and, well, there is no comparison--one has flavor, the other has bitterness."

"Thus, the result with hardly any tinkering: Two very, very good mugs of coffee. I was able to taste qualities that I had mainly read about before, particularly on the floral, fruity, and sweet end of the spectrum. You've obviously made a fine discovery."

"Let me tell you I'm hooked. This makes an outstanding Americano. I'm the only coffee drinker in my house and making a pot of coffee often just goes to waste. The AeroPress makes just the right amount - nothing wasted. Good luck with the product; it is fantastic!"

Better Coffee In 30 Seconds! Get Your Aeropress Today!

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